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Fundraising is critical to the successful operation of the Bonnie Doon Playschool and helps keep costs low for parents. Each family must provide a $150.00 fundraising cheque per child, which will be collected with the other fees at the Annual General Meeting.


The playschool’s major fundraising event is a casino, whose funds contribute to the bulk of the school’s operating budget, held every second year. During a casino year, each family must provide one volunteer for the casino per child (the volunteer does not have to be a family member). This is non-negotiable and is not covered by the $150.00 fundraising deposit. If your family is unwilling to provide a volunteer for, or is not represented at the casino, your fundraising deposit will not be reimbursed and your child will be withdrawn from the program immediately. While this may seem strict, the success of the playschool is almost entirely dependent on funds raised from the casino.


Fundraising activities will occur in a non-casino year. Fundraising campaign(s) and targets will be determined at the general parent meeting regarding budget and fundraising, generally held in October/November. Participation by all playschool families is essential to fundraising success.