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Welcome to Bonnie Doon Playschool  


We are a non-profit co-operative association, operated by parents who have an interest in providing an exceptional preschool learning environment for their children.


The success of our school can be attributed to the caring, involved individuals that help run the school, from our devoted staff to the parents and family members.


Our role is to provide a respectful, safe and nurturing environment so that children can develop meaningful relationships with both adults and peers.


Our program explores theme-based activities delivered through stories, songs, art activities, finger plays, music and movement, dramatic play, math and science.

At Bonnie Doon Playschool, our teachers work hard at creating a school culture that supports diversity, inclusion, and equity in their classroom by helping children feel good about themselves, their families, and their communities, and also by exposing children to differences, things that are unfamiliar, and experiences beyond their immediate lives.

Diversity, inclusion, and equity are celebrated throughout the year by Bonnie Doon Playschool teachers through a thoughtfully crafted curriculum, to foster and reinforce acceptance and respect of all cultural backgrounds and family situations.  Our teachers strive to teach diversity in a way that helps students understand and respect the different situations of their peers.


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