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Our Board consists of caregivers of students currently enrolled in the program. These are volunteer positions. They manage the business and affairs of the Playschool.


The Board is guided by the Alberta Child Care Act, Licensing and AHS requirements as well as our Parent Handbook.

The board is responsible for all matters regarding enrolment and registration, general operations, payments and administration. Questions regarding these matters should be directed to the board for resolution. Our qualified teachers handle classroom-related matters including curriculum development and student progress.

Co-operative Preschool

Co-operative preschools are democratic organizations operated by the families enrolled. Caregivers are involved in every aspect of the preschool’s operation, from the boardroom to the classroom.


This gives caregivers a key role in shaping our policies and making financial decisions. Each year at the AGM in June, a volunteer Board of Directors is elected from within the membership of families who will be attending the following school year. They meet monthly throughout the year to maintain the preschool’s business operation.

Board Positions

Program Operations

President (Chair)

Payments & Subsidies

Assistant Treasurer

ICL & Advertising


Registration & Withdrawals


Board Meetings & AGM


Volunteer Roles & Bee Cleans

Volunteer Coordinator

Reimbursements & Taxes


Fundraising & Casino

Fundraising Coordinator

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