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When is the AGM for the next school year?

The AGM for the 2023/2024 will take place on June 7, 2023 at 6:45 pm. The meeting will be held virtually. 

The AGM for the next school year is typically the first week of June. The registrar will send an email once the date is confirmed. It is mandatory for a representative from each family to attend the AGM to determine volunteer roles and vote in the board members.

When is the application deadline?

Applications for the following school year will open in January for alumni families and will open for general registration after the open house in February. Applications are time stamped and accepted in sequential order. The application payment is required to secure your spot. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until November 30 of that school year.

Can I still apply even if spaces are full? 

Yes. Your child’s name will be added to the wait list according to the date your application is received. Should you wish to register your child for the current school year, please ask about spaces available by emailing the Registrar. Registrations for a current school year close at the end of November.


How are the classes filled?

After priority registration for current and alumni families is completed in February and we know how many spaces are remaining, the classes will be filled on a first come first served basis.


When will we find out if we have been offered a space?

Applicants will be notified by email within a few days to be informed whether your child has been offered a spot or waitlisted. 


How many spaces are available each year?

We currently accommodate 18 students in each Early Foundations and Kindergarten Readiness class.


Do we accept 2 year olds into our Preschool Program?

Due to licensing, children must be at least 3 years old when they start our program. Children must be turning 3 years old by December 31st and can attend the program on or after their 3rd birthday. Payment for the full school year is required to hold the spot.

What does it mean to be a parent co-operative program?

A parent co-operative preschool operates under a volunteer board and relies on caregivers to fulfil volunteer positions. In order for a parent co-operative preschool to run successfully, everyone must work together. The success of the daily operations of the school depends on the fulfillment of your volunteer role.  


Does my child need to be toilet trained to attend the program?

All children must be toilet-trained prior to the beginning of school. You may be asked to pick up your child from school if he/she has had an accident. Repeat issues regarding toilet training may result in the cancellation of your child’s registration. Please ask your child if he/she requires the washroom prior to the beginning of class.


Do I need to provide a snack and what should I send in?  

Snack time is an important time to socialize and practice table manners. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing a simple, healthy snack and drink each school day. Snacks must be kept in a small snack bag or container with your child’s name labeled on the inside. This is placed in your child's cubby during drop-off, and is not refrigerated. If sending grapes, they must all be sliced longways. Unsliced grapes will be returned home. Please do not send candy or pop. Please ensure that your child can open their snack containers and water bottles on their own.


What is your policy for nuts?

Bonnie Doon Playschool is a NUT FREE preschool. Please read the labels of all food that you send with your child for a snack. Look for items that are clearly labelled Nut-Free, and/or made in a Nut-Free establishment. If it doesn’t mention anything about being nut free, play it safe and look for something else. If your child is like the many who love peanut butter... please feel free to try the nut free butters such as WOW Butter.


What clothing or shoes are suggested for the program? 

Children should be dressed for the weather. We try to go out as much as possible, even in the winter months (as long as it’s not too cold), so please make sure your child has appropriate warm clothing (hat, gloves, coat). Please ensure your child has a spare set of clothing and indoor shoes to leave in their cubby. When selecting indoor shoes for your child for preschool, choosing a pair that is easy to put on and take off (and that your child can try and do themselves) is a great choice! Not only does it build confidence, it saves time for parents and staff too. Please label all clothing items.


How are birthdays celebrated?

We will recognize your child’s birthday with a birthday song and crown on their birthday (or the closest school day). Once a month we will celebrate all of the birthdays in the month with cupcakes provided by the school. Please do not send additional snacks for your child's birthday.


Who do I notify if my child will be absent?  

Please contact the teachers by email if your child will be late or absent for any reason, whether for a single day or extended period. This will help them plan for the day and begin promptly, and set aside any special supplies for your child's return. This is extremely important for Field Trip days.

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