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*Tuesday/Thursday classes run from 9:15-11:45 AM.

*Monday/Wednesday/Friday AM classes run from 9:15-11:45 AM.


Your child’s regular and prompt attendance at playschool is crucial to his/her success. Most of our activities are group-oriented and involve interaction with classmates. If your child is late, he/she may have difficulty settling in and will interrupt the class already in progress. Please contact the teachers at 780 461-3449 if your child will be late or absent for any reason. This will help them plan for the day and begin promptly.


If your child is involved in a car pool or other arrangements have been made for drop-off or pick-up, please let the teachers know by written note.


Arrival and Pick-up: Your child must be accompanied to and from playschool by an adult who will remain with the child until the door is open and children are able to enter the classroom. Parents/guardians are responsible for removing their child’s outdoor clothes upon arrival and dressing them upon dismissal. Please be sure to sign your child in and out at the beginning and end of each class.

Getting Ready

For School

The children all have cubbies where they will keep their indoor shoes and a change of clothes. This cubby also acts as your mailbox. You will also find completed crafts and important notices there. Please take crafts and notices home each day.


All children require indoor shoes that they can put on by themselves (i.e. Velcro or slip on design). The shoes along with an extra set of clothes are to be kept in the child’s cubby.

The children will go outside as often as the weather and program schedule permits, even in the winter. Please keep this in mind when helping your child select clothing and outerwear for the day. Proper footwear is also important. Dress shoes can be slippery and dangerous on the playground equipment. Please clearly label your child’s belongings, including clothing and outerwear, with your child’s name or initials.


Parents/guardians are responsible for providing a simple, healthy snack and drink each school day. Snacks must be kept in a small snack bag or container with your child’s name labeled on the inside. If sending grapes, they must all be sliced longways. Unsliced grapes will be returned home. Please do not send candy or pop as these may cause jealousy and result in problems. The playschool is a nut-free facility.


In The Classroom 

A typical day will include organized crafts and activities, gym or outside time, free play time, snack and circle time.


A variety of centres are available to children depending on the theme and focus of the day.


Centres may include the sensory table, sand and water table, science and discovery, listening centre, puppet theatre, dramatic play, dance and movement and many others.


Children quickly learn cues, routines and expectations for moving from activity to activity.

Field Trips

Your child will enjoy many curriculum-related field trips throughout the year.


Field Trips are special events that happen either inside or outside of the classroom. For off-premise field trips that require transportation, a bus may be chartered. For most field trips additional parent helpers/supervisors will be required.


The policies for field trips are as follows:


Permission Forms: The teacher will send out a notice/permission form with all important information at least two weeks prior to the field trip. These forms must be filled out, signed and returned on the due date noted on the permission form.


Parent/Volunteer Supervisors: Teachers will use a free online software tool for volunteer management and event planning to organize volunteers for any upcoming field trips.

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